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Here is a list of few ideas to help you plan a pleasant evening and great night out in Edmonton.Average daylight hours in Edmonton: 14 – 16 hours in Summer & 7 – 10 hours in Winter.^ TOP ^ Common-law relationships in Alberta are set out in the Adult Interdependent Relationships Act.The Act covers committed personal relationships between people that are not married to each other, where two people agree to share emotional and economic responsibilities.Common-law partners do not have the same rights or obligations as married persons.The Matrimonial Property Act, the provincial law which governs the division of property of married people does not apply to common-law partners.Contents: Activities at Edmonton Attractions: Things to do and events after PM Nightlife/Clubs/Restaurants & Other Events. From theme parks to shopping to great nightlife venues, WEM has it all.Whether you scream through Mindbender, go bowling at Ed’s Rec Room, or just take in a movie at Imax 3D theatre, you will never be short of fun here.

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Classic & Independent Movies at Metro Cinema at Garneau Theatre Whether you want to see independent movies from around the world, cult classics like Rocky Horror Picture Show, or sing along with musicals; watching a movie at and enjoy live horse racing, fantastic food and drinks, great music and prizes.

» Edmonton Street Car Shows Take a trip onboard 100-year old streetcar, on a 100-year old bridge over a majestic river, and enjoy music and wonderful views of the grand North Saskatchewan and the river valley.

After crossing the river and a little break return for a second stop on the bridge with more music.

There are a few important exceptions to this rule: 1) Land held in joint names Where parties have bought property together and both parties are registered in title, both parties are legal owners.

One party cannot sell the property without the consent of the other.


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