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The singular, monolithic nature of the addition and its disconnected relationship with the ground plane create an ambiguity of scale.

Taking advantage of the exposure along high street, the footprint and primary massing of the building is pushed to the east side of the site, while parking is situated at the west to allow vehicular access from Mc Millen and service access from the alley.We found this project to be unexpected and such a high quality – it’s a great example of pushing the mundane to a higher level.The Northside library currently sits at a junction of four significant urban vectors in Columbus; the Short North growing north, the University growing south, the Peach District bordering to the west, and Weinland Park to the east.The use of materials was really elevated – the patterned use of the kalwall really changes the entire perception of the material.The jury loved the industrial touches and the reuse of the historic warehouse.Francis of Assisi Cathedral weds archival facilities, changing exhibit spaces, administrative offices, and places of leisure - all organized around a central cloister design.


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