Dallas and starr still dating 2016

George Michael, who had largely disappeared from the public’s eye the last few years, died unexpectedly and by all accounts peacefully at 53 on Christmas morning.

He died at his long-time home in the historic village of Goring-on-Thames, just one of several luxury homes he owned at the time of his passing.

Fiske was finding no evidence of wrongdoing and was about to say so.

Then, a twist of fate: It so happened that the special prosecutor law was coming up for renewal.

Clinton considered it bad law (as did Antonin Scalia) and didn’t want to sign, but he knew it would look suspicious, so he signed.

His renewal of the law had a crucial consequence: It transferred oversight of the special prosecutor from the Justice Department to the D. Court of Appeals, and specifically to a three-judge panel thereof. Immediately, the panel fired Fiske on flimsy, trumped-up conflict-of-interest grounds, and appointed Starr.

But don’t be deceived, and whatever you do, don’t go soft on Starr. Some innuendo-rich reporting in the Times and elsewhere during the 1992 campaign suggested that both Clintons may have behaved inappropriately with regard to a land investment known as Whitewater.

They did not, as time would prove, but the right pushed the story hard, and the mainstream press sensed that surely something happened, because this was how things had to have worked in a hayseed state.

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Attorney General Janet Reno appointed a Republican named Robert Fiske.

(I should note that the university, responding to reports Tuesday of Starr’s impending dismissal, refused to confirm the news, although it didn’t deny it either.)Here is morality according to Starr, who by the way is (of course) a great Christian.

It’s appropriate to expose sexual misconduct (wrong, but consensual) when it gives you a shot at bringing down a president you loathe and creating a constitutional crisis over a few blow jobs.

Downstairs two more en suite bedrooms and an additional powder room are joined by a family room that opens through a wall of folding glass doors to a small, flat yard with infinity edged swimming pool.

The openly gay Wham frontman, famously forced out of the proverbial closet in 1998 after he was arrested for cruising an undercover cop in a public restroom in Beverly Hills, previously owned at least a couple of homes in London as well as a getaway near Saint-Tropez in the South of France that he dubbed Chez Knobby.


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