Greco serial dating

Orville by Gibson, Orville, and Greco were all mainly produced by Fugi-gen Gakki, although Terada was involved in the later Ob G's also Orville by Gibson were the Japanese manufactured Gibson Les Paul, fully approved and authorised by Gibson USA.The Japanese made guitar was actually a closer copy of the 1959 LP than the Gibson USA guitar being produced at that time.In every LPS-350 I have seen, the wood used is lightweight honduran mahogony for the body, and looks like brazillian rosewood for the fretboards.

The Orville by Gibson Les Paul Reissue series (LPR ) 1993-1994, were the top of the range Japanese produced Gibsons, they all have stock Gibson USA electrics and pickups, usually nitrocellulose laquer finishes, blank truss rod covers and fret edge binding, and were only made from late 1992 to early 1995, they also tend to have the fattest necks of all the Ob G's.The LPS-350 was the highest model with a AAAA solid flametop.All models, both plain and flamed, have solid tops, usually a long tenon, and the later 120's and all the 250 and 350's have one piece backs and fret binding.Its important to realise that these were all made when ESP was a small, independent company, it seems that the early production was outsourced to Kasuga, and sometime in the early 80's ESP started to produce navigators in house, around 1984, and the reason that ESP today brands its highest models "Navigator" is due to the fact that, Dating of Navigators to the exact year of production is very difficult, some have no markings, some have serial numbers which mean nothing, or have not been codes can help dating is estimated for most models of LP.Produced for only 2 years from 1982 to early 1984, these were the domestic Japanese version, only for sale in Japan, the Squire JV were the cheaper export models. The finish on the 115 is all nitro, the 85 body is nitro, and the TL52-95 tele is all nitro finished also.The Limited Edition Guitars usually came with their own hardcase, but all other Ob G's were sold with a Ob G gigbag, and so as a result Ob G Original Hardcases are very rare.


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