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State lawmakers implemented policies designed to keep youths closer to their homes and out of remote rural juvenile lockups.

"They have beds, but they don't necessarily have the staff and all the other stuff that goes along with housing," Unruh said.It'd be interesting to see a comparison of the post-'07 reforms and the details of this case to see where changes either a) helped identify and remove the wrongdoer or b) failed to prevent his alleged misconduct as was hoped.Certainly hiring the guy after he left TDCJ under a cloud of accusations, which TJJD knew about, raises some red flags, which Brandi's story ably articulates.John Whitmire passed legislation last year aimed at shifting more juvenile offenders into community supervision, though the final version was much neutered from what he originally proposed.Still, this news runs counter to expectations set during the 2015 Lege session that more troubled youth would be supervised in the community.Meanwhile, the investigation of abuse allegations and suicide attempts continues.


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