Signs of an online dating predator

You could find a fun event or activity that you both enjoy, tell her you were going to check it out, and see if she’d like to join—a casual music show, a new rock climbing gym, a movie that’s opening.

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I’ve been head over heels for this one guy for like a year and he has no idea.” — “When I suspect a male friend is into me and I don’t return the feelings, I try to talk about other men as much as possible.

If you’re feeling a little more confident, ask if she’d like to grab drinks sometime—a happy hour after work on a Thursday is a nice low-key option.

If there’s a group event coming up, you could invite her to grab a bite to eat first and head over together.

Whether or not she likes you, she’ll appreciate the honesty.

Coffee is the most innocent social beverage, so if you’re afraid of rocking the boat, maybe start there.


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