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The Nemanjić dynasty ruled over Serbia until the 14th century.

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With the decline of the Serbian state of Duklja in the late 11th century, "Raška" separated from it and replaced it as the most powerful Serbian state. 1169–96) conquered the neighbouring territories of Kosovo, Duklja and Zachlumia.When the Principality of Serbia gained independence from the Ottoman Empire, Orthodoxy became crucial in defining the national identity, instead of language which was shared by other South Slavs (Croats and Bosniaks).The origin of the ethnonym is unclear (see Names of the Serbs and Serbia).Finally, Poloyagan Beach have rocky outcroppings and coral reefs so one should be careful in trekking placed on a server with IP: gets 1.14M page visits per month from search engines via organic keywords.Genetic studies on Serbs show that they have close affinity with the rest of the Balkan peoples and especially those within former Yugoslavia; Y-DNA results show that haplogroups I2a and R1a together stand for roughly two thirds of the makeup (as of 2014).


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